Social Impact: Greenflubbing

Hello friends. Powering through an unseasonably cold and gray spring here in Boise, still wearing my winter gear for bike commuting to work. Nothing a hot cup of coffee won't cure. What's spring like in your neck of the woods?

Since last Saturday was Earth Day, I've been thinking about many things green: Greenwashing, Greenhushing, Greenflubbing. I made up that last one to describe the recent hoo-hah with Bud Lite and Anheuser-Busch, which clearly flubbed the purpose test by hiring a transgender influencer to promote its flagging beer brand, then quickly backtracking after a backlash. This occasioned a counter backlash from those decrying the brewer's lack of spine when it comes to inclusivity. Meanwhile, the Bud exec who forged the influencer partnership is taking a "leave of absence," which I imagine is corporate-speak for being in "double dutch trouble." Did you follow this saga at all? What do you think about it?

In other news, we're thinking of adding a community option to the newsletter - a place to ask questions of fellow social impact creators, a place to share your learnings with others. Would that be of interest to you?

You'll notice every one of prior paragraphs end with questions - I'm hoping to hear from you. What do you find helpful about this newsletter? What could you do without? I'm trying to find the sweet spot so I can serve you better. All you have to do is hit reply to this newsletter - or use the commenting feature - and I'll respond to each and every one of you.

Godspeed, friends.


Cool Tool

Can a flag be a tool? According to Michael Green, founder of Flags for Good, flags are powerful symbols AND tools that enable communities and causes to have their voices be heard. While you might not have a flag pole, you can certainly use these beauties as banners in your workplace or for events. Check out the entire offering here and stay tuned for an interview with Michael in an upcoming issue.

‌Quick Hits

IDontGiveAShtAboutBlueCheck! Tired of the Blue Check imbroglio on Twitter? Why not do something positive and direct that $8 to support girls' education via the Malala Fund - a clever fundraiser created by Godspeed reader Leo Nagano. Contribute here.

Earth First - then we'll pollute the other planets. I first learned about the looming environmental problems posed by our pollution of outer space (say what?) in John Elkington's book, "Green Swans: The Coming Boom in Regenerative Capitalism." Here's a quick primer from NPR to get you up to speed on space junk - it's out of this world.

Meaningful work? No wonder our souls get sucked dry. Here's a big "Ugh." According to Zippia, the average U.S. worker spends 31 hours each month in meetings they deem "unproductive." Read more.

Trivia Time

What is the name of the world's largest social impact network?

• Social Impact Network

• Impact Hub

• Social Innovation Network

• Social Change Hub

Today's trivia answer can be found at the bottom of this newsletter.‌‌‌

Find the Most Meaningful Work of Your Career

Our partner One Work has you covered with meaningful work that goes beyond a paycheck, a cubicle, or a weekly team Zoom call. This week, you can get your farmer on, speed the transition to solar power, and flavor up some mighty change.

GOTHAM GREENS - Urban farming alert! Gotham Greens is an urban farming company that delivers fresh produce to local grocery stores around the country. Shopper Marketing Manager, New York, NY.

POWUR - Powur to the people, right on! Powur is a cloud platform that helps homeowners and solar installers accelerate the adoption of sustainable energy. Sales Support Supervisor, Remote.

TORANI - Drink up! Torani, the maker of syrups that make so many things delicious - you've probably seen them in coffee shops, for instance - is a certified B Corp with an impact emphasizing growing skills and human development by investing in its employees. Project Manager, San Leandro, CA.

Check out One Work's full roster of purposeful jobs with mission-driven companies and organizations.‌‌‌‌

‌Trivia Answer‌

Impact Hub supports the world's largest network for collaboration among social entrepreneurs and innovators. There are more than 25,000 impact creators connected across 107 Impact Hubs in 60+ countries. If you don't have an Impact Hub in your city, you can always join their online community or even check one out the next time you travel - from Houston to Shanghai, you can grab a desk and hang in their co-working spaces.

Have an interesting social impact tool, idea, or trivia question you'd like to share? Reply to this newsletter and let me know - I'd love to hear about it. You can also hit me up at

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