Power to the People

Power to the People
Women aged 64 and older are taking the Swiss government to court for its violating their human rights due to the government's lack of action on climate change. Photo: Shervine Nafissi

Governments around the world are getting it from both ends – call it a "generational sandwich" – as youngsters and elders take them to task (and court) over culpability for the negative health consequences of climate change.

A group of 14 children in Hawai'i recently brought suit against the state's transportation department over climate change, charging its operation of a transportation system emitting high levels of carbon violates their constitutional rights to "live healthful lives in Hawaiʻi now and into the future.” This follows a similar lawsuit filed by youth in Montana that went to trial earlier this summer (and about which we wrote here, Showdown at the Climate Corral). The lawsuit in Hawai'i is scheduled to go to trial next year; the Montana trial has concluded and a ruling in the case is under consideration by the judge.

Over in Switzerland, a group of 2,400 women over the age of 64 organized as KlimaSeniorinnen Schwiez (Climate Seniors Switzerland) is pursuing a lawsuit against the government of Switzerland before the European Court of Human Rights. They are suing the government for violating their human rights on the basis that high temperatures and heat waves are threatening the health and lives of senior citizens, especially women over the age of 75 who are especially vulnerable to these climate effects.

While many of our elected leaders have played the proverbial monkeys on climate change 🙈🙉, perhaps it will be the power of the people via the cudgel of the courts that force our governments to finally take substantive action.

I'll end with a plug for Our Children's Trust, which is providing legal counsel to the youth plaintiffs in Montana and Hawai'i. It is the world's only nonprofit law firm representing young people and their legal right to a safe climate. Now how's that for some seriously tight brand positioning! You can participate from afar in these cases by lending your support and donating here.

Godspeed, friends.


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Trivia Time

🔥 If wildfires globally were a country, where would this country of flame and smoke rank among the world's leading carbon emitters?

• 1st

• 4th

• 12th

• 15th

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Trivia Answer‌

While wildfires recognize no boundaries, if they were a country they would rank fourth globally among the world's carbon emitters, following China, U.S.A., and India.

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