Where You Work Matters

There are three primary marketplace catalysts that incentivize companies to improve their social and environmental impact practices: consumers, employees, and investors.

Consumer spending and investment capital get most of the media play - perhaps because they're both overtly 💵 - while the impact of employees often ends up overlooked like a quiet middle child.

Make no mistake about it, the ability to attract potential new hires is a lifeblood of a company in the talent economy, and running neck and neck is a business's ability to retain their workforce.

So if social and environmental impact are important to you as an individual, the matter of where you apply your time and talent is perhaps the best sway you can use effect change - your true superpower and one writ large across generational segments. You can influence change by depriving companies of your talent - and hasten it by applying it to a job with meaning - for a company that's intentional about its impact.

You'll find opportunities to ply your trade and leverage your personal impact at companies that are intentional about their impact in every issue of the newsletter - provided by our partner One Work.

Godspeed, friends.


My Pandemic Babies

I pivoted from 30+ years of branding agency business to give birth to a few socially enterprising babies during the pandemic. The verdict? Well...you can read about my journey to scale social impact here.

Cool Tool

The fate of the world is in your hands. That 📲 in your hand? Put those opposable digits to work for the world with this handy list of 16 apps that make it easy for you to impact the planet. #socialchange

Quick Hits

The Kids are Alright. Just as The Who sang it, youth in Montana are indeed "all right" and full of fight with a strong constitution. They are bringing the first climate lawsuit to court by suing the Big Sky State for violating the state constitution via its Big-Time Support of fossil fuels. We'll have our 👀 on this one come June when it comes to court. #climateaction

A B steps up for the B's. Tech billionaire Reid Hoffman recently stepped up and donated $1 million to B Lab, the fast-growing nonprofit organization that runs B Corp certification.

Just for fun. Our brains are always trying to trick us. Or at least mine is. The opposite of connecting the dots, check out this optical illusion for a bit of brain-teasing, dot, dot, dot fun.

Trivia Time

Take a shot of this trivia question: Which distillery became the first in Kentucky's famed bourbon country to certify as a B Corp?

  • Bulleit
  • Wild Turkey
  • Maker's Mark

You'll be able to drink in the answer at the bottom of this newsletter.

Find the Most Meaningful Work of Your Career

Our partner One Work has you covered with meaningful work that goes beyond a paycheck, a cubicle, or a weekly team Zoom call. Here are some of this week's highlighted jobs:

KIVA - a nonprofit that crowdsources loans for social entrepreneurs. (If you'd like to see how it works, check out my <full disclosure> daughter's KIVA campaign here.) Manager, Strategic Partnerships, REMOTE.

THRIVE MARKET- An online grocer and certified B Corp. Growth Marketing Manager, Search & Shopping, REMOTE.

THE HONEST COMPANY - Create a healthier world by working for a company selling eco-friendly, nontoxic products for babies, personal care, and cleaning. GL Accounting Manager, Playa Vista, CA.

There's more! Check out One Work's full roster of purposeful jobs with mission-driven companies and organizations.‌

Trivia Answer

It's the bourbon that's distinctively hand-dipped in 400 degree red wax - Maker's Mark®. In 2022, it became the first Kentucky bourbon to certify as a B Corp - and also the world's largest distillery to achieve this as well.

Have an interesting social impact tool, idea, or trivia question you'd like to share? Reply to this newsletter and let me know - I'd love to hear about it. You can also hit me up at rstoddard@oliverrussell.com.

Also - please don't hesitate to forward this along to a friend you think would benefit from it - thank you!

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